I just had to feature little Julian’s nursery! I ‘met’ his gorgeous momma, Brittany through her Instagram shop…@littlecowboysandindians. She’s a stay-at-home mom to two boys. Brittany was a former hairdresser and graphic design student before becoming a mom. I must say her taste is fab! I’m in love with that dream catcher! Read what she says about the space…

My inspiration for the room was probably the teepee I got for a little fort for my son Nautas and then I wanted to do a whole cowboys and indian theme. I use the term “theme” loosely, I really didn’t go all out with a theme (I never do, I can never stay that focused). I changed the theme from the first pregnancy which was nautical and I was just OVER IT!

That room was an empty room before I became pregnant, shortly after we bought our house. I did decorate it myself, lots of pregnancy insomnia had me up shopping etsy for just the right pieces for the room. :) The changing table/dresser are both vintage I got at an antique fair. My mom’s husband made me the tray on top to my specifications. He also built the closet dividers and shelves. The dresser inside the closet is also vintage, it was my brothers when we were little and was lined with the wrapping paper from my moms baby shower for the longest time.

My favorite part of the room is the giant windows, bright light that comes in, and the fabulous dream catcher. 

Bratt Decor crib / Iviebaby changing pad + bedding / Cosmic American dream catcher

photos by Brittany


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    I just had to feature little Julian’s nursery! I ‘met’ his gorgeous momma, Brittany through her Instagram...
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