I posted this about The Glow awhile back, but I can’t help but post about it again. Too many glowing photos by the talented, Kelly Stuart and all the gorgeous, stylish kids. These are some of my new faves…

above / Founder of Feyt, Eleanor Ylvisaker and her three year old son, Alastair. He loves music. She says…"Having kids has given me the most amazing perspective and clarity on what is important, and it forces me to be real and in the moment. Children see right through adults, and gravitate to kindness and authenticity."

below / Consultant and designer, Christina Hutson and her two little ones, Lowe and Valentine. She and her husband are the founders of Hutson and Obedient Sons & Daughters (pretty bad ass website designed by designedmemory). I love this quote from her…“Couples often say that a weekly ‘date night’ keeps your marriage in the honeymoon phase. I believe it’s the small surprises: a hidden Post-It message you find later in the day, a text message to remind your spouse that you are their best friend, a humorous banner hanging over the fireplace that makes them laugh, that honesty about yourself that only your partner will give you, whether you like it or not.”

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