X oxoxo…I’m pretty sure we have one of the most lovable kids around. Jax gives hugs and ‘tisses’ and ‘I yous’ all the time! So we are sending everyone lots of love this week! Yesterday he turned 25 months. Hard to believe his second birthday was already a month ago. Where does the time go?

Jaxon is growing up so much…doing lots of new things. I have really noticed that he is concentrating much more when he plays. Daddy is teaching him how to play hockey…so fun to watch them. He is obsessed with the yard stick, the plunger, Daddy’s leaf blower and my typewriter. Always wants to go outside…even brings me his shoes to speed up the process. Ha! Loves to climb in and out and on top of anything…our little dare devil. He is also in to running fast.

He is so determined. Has to brush his teeth everyday. Likes to pick out what color shirt he wears. Loves to take baths…umm, probably two times a day. His vocabulary has tripled…says two and three words all the time. The other day he burped at lunch and said ‘scuse you’. Using those manners…even when I don’t remind him! It’s funny he says ‘No please’. See what else he is saying here.

He lets me know when he poops…hopefully we are one step closer to being diaperless. Eating habits are not so great though. He would much rather drink milk for every meal…but we are trying to work in some new foods. I am so glad that he is sleeping in his big boy bed all the time now. No crying either, well except he always wants me to go to sleep too. FYI…toddler beds are super uncomfortable.

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