W A H M  to  W O R K I N G  M O M


A year ago today I made the transition from being a wahm to working mom…a full time art director. I thought the year I became a mom was going to be the hardest. I’m pretty sure this year is up there along with the year (week) I lost my job, we got married and pregnant, basically became a wahm. Trying to freelance, start my own shop and raise my babies was so tough. There were times I felt like I had it down. Worked early in the morning before the boys would wake up. Made conference calls around naps. Stopped to make something edible for dinner then finished up after bedtime. I tried really hard to make it work. I cried a lot. Mostly because my husband resented me. The fact that I was at home and he was at work. He gave me a chance to follow my dream but I failed. I couldn’t do it all. Financially it wasn’t working for our family. I’ve never been good at being at the same place every day. on time. But I knew if I applied somewhere I’d get a job. and I did. I didn’t even care, all I wanted was to be at home with my boys. Attempting to be a good wife. Designing goods, building brands and crafting this blog. I remember the last day so clear. We ate lunch together at the park down the street from our house. Went to a few of our favorite spots. Giggled. Took this photo…I can just see right though me. So lost. I was so bummed. I know they were too.

After a year I don’t feel any different about the situation than I did that day. Ask my husband, I probably have the same conversation every other month. I honestly still feel like I am still transitioning. Yeah I won an Addy and got in a few publications but who cares. Missing my son’s second birthday for a work photoshoot was not worth it to me. Your kids don’t stop growing. Of course, it’s the responsible thing to do, work to support your family and that is what I am doing…alongside late nights of freelancing and getting orders out the door on my lunch hour. I love my boys more than anything and hate the fact that I have to drop them off with someone else to watch them, teach them, see the new things they are doing everyday. Watch them cry as I drive away just makes me feel like a horrible person. My heart sinks. Oh that feeling. After a year, it’s exhausting. I feel like sometimes it is unfortunate that my hobbies have to do with design and being on the computer. I can’t stop…eek! After work, I work. I’m still hoping for an opportunity to be with my boys again and chase my dreams. I’m sure they will both be in school by then but I’m still reaching. and praying. Until then you can find me working, my head spinning with ideas, living for the weekends.

If you are a wahm or working mom I’d love to hear your story. And if you have any secrets, please share!

new shop : T H E  B E E  &  T H E  F O X


One of my favorite parts of being a mom blogger is discovering other talented people around the world. Last week I was so thrilled to find Ashley Jennett of The Stork and the Beanstalk on my instagram feed. She is a photographer and mother of two rad little boys. Her and her husband opened up an etsy shop called, The Bee & The Fox, primarily a collection of handmade shelves, children’s tees as a few other various things that need a good home. I’m pretty obsessed. Maybe because I’m a mom of boys, I don’t know. Maybe because I’m a designer and their branding is so well done….love it Janet. I can’t wait to see the hang tags in person. (the little things that excite me) But hey, I’ve already placed my order and you should too! Wishing you the best on your new venture together, Willy and Ashley!

Because the weather is changing over here and because Oliver Jeffers is our fave author! I’m a summer lover but I have to say October is such a fun month…lots of family time, like family photos (ha! my husband is not a fan), going to the pumpkin patch, halloween costumes, camping! I can’t wait, we already had a fire going outside and all the neighbor kids came over, they were running around the house playing and swinging in the backyard. Love nights like that.

ps. Hey Oliver Jeffers fans, he has a new book!

shop feature :  A K I D


You guys! I finally found a shoe brand for my boys that I love. They don’t just make shoes for boys either, the girl kicks will make you have heart eyes! AKID is a carefully crafted collection of footwear for kids with style. I mean this brand is killing it…gold fold, branded tissue and a dust bag and that’s just the the shoe box. Their packaging is impeccable! As a designer, I get super excited when I discover brands that give attention to little details. I work for a shoe company so I know how shoes are designed and made. AKID shoes are well made and so stylish. I fell in love with these royal blue Birdies. The laser cut detail is not only trending right now in the footwear industry, they are perfect solution for my son’s sweaty little feet. Case loves them. His favorite color is blue too! So head on over to their site and get your little ones a pair or two, so many colors, sweet patterns, subtle textures to chose from. I’m digging the Stone…they just came out!

Be sure to follow AKID on facebook + instagram.


Jaxon: my winter baby is a lover of summer and sunnies and lemonade.
Casen: showing off his new tattoo.


There are always yearly photo challenges happening…lots of my mom friends are participating in the 52 week project where you take a photo each week of their little one for the whole year. I think that is a little ambitious for me being I am no longer a wahm. So I am challenging myself to 12…once a month, a photo of my boys. See the whole project here.

PINNED! Head on over to Pinterest to see some of my latest pins.

+ super cool spaceman costume…thinking about Halloween!
+ making this piñata for my niece’s pineapple birthday party
+ stripes for days over at Yarnmade
+ love the pops of color in this space…that bed, I mean

Jax had his first real homework assignment! This may not seem like that big of deal since he is only in Pre-K, but you know what this means? IT won’t stop for the next eighteen years. (insert big-eyed emoji). Anyway I thought I would share…

Of course we waited until this morning to start. The assignment was to practice writing the letter A and to find a few things that start with A. It took him a while to get started cause he said he messed up his first A and had to erase it. It was really bothering him that he could still see it. But while eating his breakfast he knocked out a whole row of big and little A’s! So proud. We dug through his toy box to find things to put in his homework bag, he wanted his toy jet so bad to start with an A. But we found an alligator, army man and an alien. Done. I give him an A+.

FIVE years of baby blogging wouldn’t of even been possible if it weren’t for these two! I love them to the moon and back. They have taught me so much. It has been an awesome ride and I am looking forward to the next five years!

Only good vibes is right! I’ve teamed up with Geo Fox Apparel. Rad fashion-forward clothes designed by the sweetest momma, Sarah Fox. We love Geo Fox Apparel and want you to be able to wear their clothes too…so enter to win this Good Vibes raglan below! Don’t forget to scroll down to enter the Kid + Kind, Tangled Tantrum, Frills paper + goods and The Tiny Company giveaways too!

A huge THANK YOU to the brands that have been a part of the Little Frills celebration and to all of you that follow along this blog of mine…lots of love. Cheers to FIVE years!

xo Laura


imageimageFIVE years of baby blogging in the books! And I still love it. I love ‘meeting’ moms and dads all across the world, learning about new brands for babies and kids, discovering talented artists, photographers, illustrators, designers…the list can go on. Most of all I enjoy sharing those things along with photos of my family and our experiences. So thank you for reading this blog of mine!

Today I’ve have teamed up with The Tiny Company! Their mission is to bring brand awareness to rural areas by curating a collection of the cutest goods around as well as offering handmade headbands and leggings. These big bow headbands are their most popular! Enter below for your chance to win all three bow headbands (fits 6-12mo) for your little one. Don’t forget to scroll down to enter the Kid + Kind, Tangled Tantrum and Frills paper + goods giveaways too!



Have you heard? LITTLE FRILLS IS FIVE! I’m celebrating five years of baby blogging. To thank you all for your support, I am hosting a giveaway every day this week, teaming up with a few of my favorite shops. Of course I couldn’t leave out my own shop, Frills paper + goods! I’m still in love with the geometric birth announcements in the shop and I’d love to design them for your new little one. Each announcement features a black and white photo, details of the birth…date, weight, length, baby’s name as well as the proud parents. The birth announcements come with coordinating envelopes with triangle patterned envelope liner + matching stickers. Enter below to win 50 to send to your family and friends! Stay tuned for tomorrows giveaway!

Don’t forget you can still enter the Kid + Kind and Tangled Tantrum giveaways too!


FIRST DAY OF PRE-K! He was stoked. Of course he was particular about his hair and hated taking photos. But whatever, that will never change. Ha! He was so pumped he kept spinning with his backpack looking at himself in the mirror.

So glad that we took him to summer camp at the same school, it made the first day drop off go so smooth. He walked right in like he owned the place. Found his cubby right away. Cruised right in to his classroom, I had to follow him to say goodbye. We are so proud of him. He loves school so much that he is going to go full time. I can’t wait to see what he learns this year! He’s already blowing my mind with the big words that he says.

In case you missed my exciting post yesterday…LITTLE FRILLS IS FIVE! I’m celebrating five years of baby blogging. To thank you all for your support, I am hosting a giveaway every day this week. Thrilled to team up with Tangled Tantrum again. Last year we hosted a fun bed head photo contest together. If you haven’t heard of them, they make a whole line of hair products just for kids! Perfect for styling, long hair and of course, those crazy bed heads. Tangled Tantrum products are paraben and alcohol free which makes them safe and healthy for kids. And they smell amazing! My son Jax is pretty protective over ‘his product’, he even used some this morning for his first day of school. To celebrate, we are giving away Tangled Tantrum Chaos Control smoothing serum + Separation Anxiety styling paste. All you have to do is enter below…stay tuned tomorrow to see what you can win!



LITTLE FRILLS IS FIVE! I can’t even believe I’ve been blogging for five years! This little blog of mine has grown so much from the beginning. I dig the direction it is going. Love all the people I have ‘met’ and that want to be a part of it. Y’all are too kind…thank you for the support, for reading Little Frills, for all the sweet comments and love.

And for that I am hosting a five day giveaway, starting with this adorable raglan pullover from Kid + Kind, a cool new brand that just launched this past June. Kid + Kind is a playful clothing line making fun, modern items to match our kids. They believe that a children’s clothing can be artful and creative, and that it can help paint the fun, exciting world surrounding our children. So just enter below for your chance to win this Happy raglan pullover. Cheers to five years…stay tuned for tomorrows giveaway!



Jaxon: his favorite thing on earth…the water.
Casen: just being way too big with those big eyes + lips.


There are always yearly photo challenges happening…lots of my mom friends are participating in the 52 week project where you take a photo each week of their little one for the whole year. I think that is a little ambitious for me being I am no longer a wahm. So I am challenging myself to 12…once a month, a photo of my boys. See the whole project here.

imageI’m always on the hunt for some healthy kids snacks! I try to keep sugar out of the house, my boys are already wild enough! These are our favorites for lunches, on the go and around the house.

Little Duck Organics makes yummy tiny fruits, great for kids 1+, no added sugar. Case still loves them and he is two. Flat pretzels are just cool cause they are flat…the salt + peppers ones get those little taste buds going. Who doesn’t like goldfish? I like to buy the whole grain ones because you can’t even tell the difference! Sunmaid raisins are a classic, not too many though or else. Pouches are perfect for those picky eaters (we have one over here) Great way to sneak those veggies in. Our faves are from Ella’s Kitchen and GoGo Squeez. Did you know that they are now included in the kids meals at Arby’s? Way better choice than fries. Speaking of potatoes…we are big fans of sweet potato chips. Food Should Taste Good’s original flavor only has three ingredients! And our last favorite healthy snack to chomp on is Oat My Goodness granola, made with just a 1/4 of a cup of sugar! Jax loves the dried mango in the sunrise flavor. Oh and they will ship for free this week, so enter code OMGWAKEUP when you place your order!

What are your little one’s favorite healthy snacks?